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"Always from my childhood I was fascinated by the colors and qualities of stones and crystals. My family and culture valued precious and semi-precious stones for their healing properties. While I was aware of the importance of stones to Vedic tradition, my principle draw to them was the sheer pleasure and joy I experienced in their presence.


I became involved in yoga at a very early age and was deeply affected by the therapeutic power of yoga. Thus healing became an integral part of my calling in life. As a young woman when I married and came to this country, yoga helped me to stay connected to the land of my birth.


I started The Rajashree Collection in 2005 when I turned forty. As I entered mid-life I longed to reconnect once again with my heritage. The Rajashree Collection arose from a subsequent desire to incorporate the healing qualities of therapeutic gemology which has such a rich tradition in India. I wanted natural stones and crystals in their semi-precious state in order to preserve the maximum healing potency. Too often precious stones are highly refined and commercialized losing their real healing potential.


Just as every posture in yoga has its own healing properties, so each stone has a unique healing ability based on its shape and color. Yoga works with your heart—uniting mind and body. The stones work with your heart as well; their beauty generates heartfelt joy and well-being. That is why my symbol is the heart, combined with the words: Embody, Embrace and Empower."

–Rajashree Choudhury